Our motion CARDIO LINE 600

Welcome to our centrepiece! The hub of our daily work is our motion line 600. It is our complete line with all important machine types and it offers you complex solutions for your applications all around training therapy and health-oriented fitness training.

Therefore, all machines of this line are available with or without certification according to the Medicinal Devices Act 92/42 EWG, Class IIa.

We see ourselves as a specialized provider of cardio machines which facilitate a goal-oriented, target-group-specific training. Thus, our machines need to be adjustable to the needs of your facility and we always manufacture them in an order-specific way in Germany.

In relation to the “hardware”, we use a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame. The frames of this line are held by a utility-patent-protected technology using an aluminium connector. This makes the middle part extremely stable and allows for a screw-free case mounting.You will enjoy this pleasing look in your daily usage scenario and this type of mounting and demounting is easy and timesaving for maintenance and service.

Despite all adjustability, which is important to us in this line, we want your patients and customers to operate the machines easily; thus, we use an identical monitor across the entire line with the same intuitive menu guidance.

All monitors contain per default a coded Polar® pulse receiver which enables a goal-oriented training unless prevented by a medication administration. For such cases you or your patients and customers certainly have another rpm-independent as well as an rpm-dependent program at your disposal. If you are using the optional comfort or therapy package, you also have the choice to use the rpm-constant program, which is suited perfectly for interval units as well as for therapeutic purposes in case of knee or hip ailments. For the latter, the trainee can increase the load individually without reaching a load that would cause pain.

Here is an overview of the existing program packages

Model Variety

motion cycle 600

The motion cycle 600 is the classic among our ergometers since it is an integral part of practically every training arrangement. The machine is robust, compact, ergonomic, configurable in a variety of ways, and, and, and ...

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motion relax 600

The recumbent ergometer motion relax 600 is in demand in the fitness field for long training units, for medical applications especially for instable, heavy or neurologically handicapped persons.

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motion cross 600

The motion cross 600 is a popular machine for not too weak trainees who appreciate the upright body posture and comprehensive activation.

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motion body 600

The motion body 600 is the perfect training machine to strengthen or mobilize the upper body and the arms specifically. Its wide height adjustment makes it ideal even for a standing training.

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motion body 600 WM

Simply said, the motion body 600 WM is the space saving but just as accomplished variation of the standard motion body 600 machine. The wall assembly saves money and space and offers flexibility with respect to usage when sitting, standing or when using a wheelchair.

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motion stair 600

The motion stair 600 is bedrock of cardio training and combines “activities of daily life” with endurance training as well as providing a challenge to coordination. To say that it can be replaced by the cross trainer does not measure up to this demanding exercise machine.

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motion sprint 600 SL

The motion sprint 600 SL is the all-around feel-good treadmill for the classical health or rehabilitation facility. The lamella system is silent and joint-friendly. The integrated height adjustment by 15 degrees is comfortable and efficient.

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motion sprint 600 SE

The motion sprint 600 SE is the smaller brother of the motion sprint 600 SL and offers all the comfort and the advantages of the lamella system. The scope of benefits is reduced by the gradient adjustment which therefore reduces the costs for this machine.

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motion sprint PL

The motion sprint 600 PL or PL med represent a benchmark in the field of sliding plate technology and leave almost no wishes unanswered.

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