The emotion fitness team

We at emotion fitness are more than just colleagues. The comfortable working atmosphere of a family owned company applies to all employees. This means that we are trying to support our colleagues as much as possible, to sometimes also do someone else's task, if he/she is too busy in order to make life easier for everyone. this is an atmosphere, we try to carry over to our communication with business partners and customers as well.

Position Name Phone  
Main Office emotion fitness GmbH & Co. KG 06305-71499-0
Executive Management Inge Klein 06305-71499-106
Executive Management Helmut Klein 06305-71499-101
Marketing and Export Stephanie Schmitt 06305-71499-105
Customer Care and Logistics Monika Sander 06305-71499-109
Product Management, Software Max Brodehl 06305-71499-104
Internal sales and Export Julia Keck 06305-71499-107
Service Viktor Sinner 06305-71499-102
Service- & Quality-Management Mark Becker 06305-71499-108
Engineering Michael Schmitt 06305-71499-119
Documentation Tina Lau 06305-71499-0