flying data network solution

The user identification at training machines via RFID transponders has become way more common during the last few years. By using this technology various independed applications such as training control, lockers, check-in, administration aso can be operated by just one contactless client medium - the RFID transponder.

By using its self-developed wireless network emotion fitness integrated smoothly into those setting without loosing its benefits of powerless and cordless cardio machines.

750 Watts....

Two years ago we have introduced a new and medically precise brake system, that can still be power independent. Now, the power spectrum of the so called HBS-Brake has been broadened and can be enlarged up to 750 watts in the rpm-independent mode. This is interesting for the performance sport and diagnostical use mainly.

motion boosted relax 800

Today cardio training is more and more in the focus when treating obese people. Most of the cardio machines on the market are not designed for very high user weights. emotion fitness offers the motion relax 800 especially for this target group in the fitness as well as the medical version with a user weight of up to 250kg. This machine offers a wider seat, arm rests as well as a rotary seat for a more comfortable entry and exit.