motion balance system

The first benefit of this option is the ability oto measure and display the ratio of left and right side power input. In the ongoing training it is at least as important to reduce existing dysbalances and to head towards a synchronous movement, no matter what the cause of the dysbalance might be.

Neurological patients in particular have to make sure to train their weaker side. With the motion balance system, they receive a visual feedback on the monitor. This trains cognitively, as well as physically and combines two body systems during training.

In the orthopaedic field, it can help to improve the healing of implants and reduce disbalances.

This system always includes 3 so-called serious games which pose tasks like going around goal posts, evading of oncoming vehicles in different difficulty levels. These serious games are supposed to increase the incentive of reaching the goals and should make successes easily visible. These serious games prolong the time spent at the machines and can be used well as a motivation for children and teenagers.

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