welcome at emotion fitness:

emotion fitness was founded in April 1992. From the very beginning, the goal was to market sophisticated and technically innovative ergometers.                

Due to his career as an active member of the national canoe slalom team, as a certified sports teacher and national coach of the canoe racing team, our company founder Helmut Klein could already refer to almost 15 years of experience in the matters of ergometers.

Since April 1992, we are selling ergometers to professional users.

Competence, commitment and a good product helped us to a continuously growing success and a strong presence in the market. We increasingly tried to promote the technical development of the products.

Today, with the motion cardio line 900 and its 6 types of equipment (some of which are available in several versions), we are several steps down the road. Since 2006 already, our product portfolio was supplemented by a strength machine console which realizes a device and manufacturer independent strength machine monitoring with the same networking possibilities. The current system makes it possible to manage and document complete training situations even if the hardware comes from different manufacturers. This complete system can be controlled by modern and continuously updated training management softwares of partnering companies.

Our idea has always been to develop machines that are robust and that improve the training on a sustainable basis. We have always emphasized intelligent programmes and attractive features. We are especially proud of our patent received for a reasonable right-left comparison, the motion balance system. It developed from a research cooperation with a German university and evaluates and improves the balanced pedalling on both sides.

The production of our ergometers is still done exclusively in Germany at long-term partners. Target groups are rehabilitation clinics, ambulant rehabilitation centres, the in-plant health management, health-oriented training facilities and physical therapists.

Germany was and is our main market and this is where we have the best network, but in recent years we have increasingly been perceived and represented in other countries. This is true for Europe, but also for example in the Near and Far East, Australia and Asia.

In the beginning of 2022 the founder Helmut Klein, has passed on the leadership of the company to his daughter Stephanie Schmitt who, having more than 15 years of experience at emotion fitness, is well prepared to tackle the next steps of the companies development.

In 2023, we really started introducing the motion cardio line 900, which is the result of several years of development and improves handling as well as monitor functions. The later by a modern TFT Touch display and various system implementation options.

April 1992 Company foundation as sales agency

1992 Purchase and modification of the brands Preference, GY-RO, Challenger

1995 First ergometer of our own, the motion bike, manufactures at a special purpose machinery manufacture and designed to be a test ergometer

1998 Complete line of ergometers motion cardio line 400

2004 Introduction of the motion cardio line 500

2008 Certification as a medical product manufacturer according to der 93/42 EWG, class IIa

2013 Introduction of the motion cardio line 800 with aluminium frame and screwless casing

2014 Introduction of a new HBS brake system – more precise, stronger and more silent

2015 Introduction of the motion cardio line 600 / 600 med

2019 Presentation of the motion balance system- patented system for right-left comparison

2022 The founder Helmut Klein hands over the daily business and focusses on some "special tasks" like networking and development issues.

2023 Market introduction of the modern motion cardio line 900 with TFT Touch-Monitor and sophisticated network options.