Our options & Features

It is simply a good idea to browse a little in this area. Here, we will tell you about our good ideas around health-oriented training. It could be standard functions or additional options for each training machine or for a group of machines. Perhaps you will find something that is interesting for you.


motion balance system

The motion balance system is our latest and even patented development for an excellent training. This option, which is available for our motion 600 fit/med, makes it possible to compare with little effort the force application of the left limbs versus the right limbs during training.

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flying data package

Our "flying data package" is a handy optional feature for a cordless transmission of training data from our training machines.

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motion easy move

With the motion easy move system, you can turn our bicycle ergometer into a device which fulfils all requirements of a medical training system, yet, it is still mobile. It is a roller lever system which can be mounted to our motion cycle 200 med and the motion cycle 600 fit/med ex works or as a retrofit.

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motion v-crank

It is not possible to imagine orthopaedic and many neurological applications without the length adjustable crank. This high-quality V-crank wins you over with its toolless adjustability and longevity.

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motion v-crank body

The motion v-crank body is a usefull adaption of the regular v-crank in regards to the upper body ergometer.

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