In several spots on this website we have emphasized that we are a family business and that we value a comfortable work environment and trusted, long-term business partnerships. The same is true for our team of employees. We are boss and colleague, employee and friend. At the same time, we are men and women, students and almost retirees. But this is not the case because this is dictated by quotas, but because we have a long-term direction and because everybody can contribute to our success with their skills.

On most days it is supposed to be fun to work for us (of course as in every job, this is not possible every day).

As follows we are showing your our “heads” so that you know who you are talking to and who is your contact person:

Managing director: Finance & HR
Inge Klein


Managing director: Sales, Development, Technical Department
Helmut Klein


Managing Director: Sales, exports, marketing, business organisation
Stephanie Schmitt


Customer care, Logistics
Monika Sander


Sales support, Export support
Rong hoffmann


Produkt Development, Software
Max Brodehl


Documentation and development Firmware
Tina Lau


Head of Service
Viktor Sinner


Service- & Quality management, purchasing
Mark Becker


Head of Technics, QM
Michael Schmitt


Oliver May