motion active sprint 200

Our motion active sprint 200 is a grid-independent treadmill with lamella technology which is suitable for sophisticated athletes as well as for gait training.

motion active sprint 200

By now, grid-independent, compact treadmills have become an integral part of the training area. All of the grid-independent treadmills are predicated on lamella technology because only here the basic friction allows for a movement without a strong motor. For us this is not difficult since we have been a strong advocate for lamella treadmills since the mid-90s. Technology is nothing new for us and our partners. Of course, our grid-independent lamella treadmill motion sprint 200 offers the known perfect cushioning of the step-on energy. In addition, it is a good endurance training machine for people with a certain performance capability. The elastic belts which are included by default, ensure a better force transmission to the lamellas and a more stable training position.

Similar to the motion sprint 600 SL and the motion sprint 600 SE, this treadmill will win you over with its compact measurements. 

motion active sprint 200

But even you or customers who want to work on neurological deficits, can train their step order very effectively on this machine. You can see improvements immediately because all propulsion is based on personal effort. Besides, self-propulsion can be an additional fall prevention for some applications. 

If necessary, the basic resistance can be increased by means of the installed hybrid brake. 


  • easy-to-use display with backlight
  • lamella technology, which allows for a very comfortable, silent and optimally dulled running
  • coded Polar® pulse receiver
  • RS232 interface
  • user-controlled speed
  • up to 1 km: distance display exact to 1 m, afterwards exact to 10 m


  • user weight increase to 250 kg
  • underarm rest
  • step-on support


  • grid-independent operation
  • hybrid brake system (HBS)
  • manufactured according to: DIN EN ISO 20957-1 S-B, DIN EN 957-6 A, DIN EN 60601-1-2
  • running surface: 1,55 m x 0,50 m
  • authorized user weight: 150 kg
  • size (L x W x H): 173 x 76 x 145 cm
  • weight: 150 kg
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