motion sprint 600 SE

The motion sprint 600 SE is the smaller brother of the motion sprint 600 SL and offers all the comfort and the advantages of the lamella system. The scope of benefits is reduced by the gradient adjustment which therefore reduces the costs for this machine.

motion sprint 600 SE

With our motion sprint 600 SE (with or without medical certification) you also benefit from all advantages that are described for the motion sprint 600 SL. It is only missing the gradient adjustment. In the first place this saves costs if you only want to offer a pure gait training. In the second place there are facilities where a machine with gradient adjustment is out of the question because of the room height. For the machine without gradient adjustment, a room height of 2,30 m is normally sufficient (of course this depends on the height of the trainee).

Here as well you have numerous options to adjust the machine to the needs of your customers and patients. These options and their combinations are so varied that for the love of clarity we did not include them in our options list and price list. Please contact us in case you are looking for something specific that you cannot find here.

motion sprint 600 SE

It scores with excellent cushioning since the lamellas are hung into the industrial ball bearings only on the left and on the right so that they can swing freely. This setup also provides other advantages like less sound, which barely increases even at higher training speeds, as well as the pleasing low maintenance and slender energy consumption. The motor needs to overcome little resistance due to friction and therefore it is powerful despite the mere 1100 Watt brushless DC engine. At a continuous usage you will see this at the end of the year as a positive factor when you look at your energy consumption. Our warranty promise, which is 5 years or 160.000 km for the lamella system, shows how convinced we are of the belt.  

motion sprint 600 SE

The motion sprint 600 SE med has hand rails which are running horizontally to the very end of the machines, so that your trainee can hold on safely when getting on the machine.

motion sprint 600 SE

The more sportive variation of the handrails are being used for the fitness application of the treadmill.


  • high quality lamella system
  • very comfortable running feeling due to optimal cushioning and low friction
  • emergency stop button on the monitor
  • speed between 0,1-17,0 km/h in steps of 0,1 km/h
  • distance display exact to 1 m up to 1 km, after that exact to 10 m (fire department application)
  • 3 programs: Quick, Watt, Pulse
  • multicolour backlight with bio-feedback
  • coded Polar® pulse receiver
  • RS232 interface


  • Boosted Version: user weight increase to 250 kg
  • therapy program package (see monitor description)
  • RFID system/wireless network for integration into different training control systems
  • additional emergency stop with magnet release cord
  • variety of accessories, e.g.: underarm rest, bar handrail, fixture for securing of persons, reverse direction of movement and more.


  • energy saving, brushless 1300 Watt DC-Motor, tooth belt lamella system
  • performance range: speed between 0,1-17,0 km/h in steps of 0,1 km/h;
  • manufactured according to: DIN EN ISO 20957-1 S-A-I, DIN EN 957-6 A, DIN EN 60601-1, DIN EN 60601-1-2/safety class energy supply: 230V/50-60Hz/EWG, separate fuse protection required
  • medical product additionally: CE according to guidelines for medical products 93/42 EWG. Class IIa
  • authorized user weight: 150 kg
  • running surface: 155 x 50 cm
  • measurements (L x W x H): 173 x 76 x 145 cm
  • weight: 149 kg
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