motion cycle 200 med

The motion cycle 200 is our „entry-level“ machine – medically certified, wide through-step, sound positioning and it contains the three most important programs. The right machine for those who just need the basics but want to train well.

motion cycle 200 med

With our motion cycle 200 med you will receive a great, low-maintenance and long-lived training machine which will please you in your daily training therapy for a long time. 

Since it is always medically certified according to 93/42 EWG, it is suitable for patients, as well as for sophisticated trainees, possibly with pre-existing conditions, who like to train at home. 

The low and wide climb-on is very popular since it allows even movement-restricted persons to climb on and off without help. The seat, which is horizontally and vertically adjustable, as well as the handlebar, which allows for different holding positions, make the motion cycle 200 into an ergonomically successful training machine. 

In any case the ergometer needs to be simple in its usage; therefore, it is equipped with three essential training programs so that an rpm-dependent, an rpm-independent and a pulse-controlled training is possible.

motion cycle 200 med

The grid-independent brake enables us to give you even more flexibility. 

Particularly the motion cycle 200 med is popular with the optional motion easy move system. By means of this transportation system with roller lifting system and the total absence of cables you can move the machine to the side of your training area if you are short of space. It is also easy and effortless to push the machine from patient room to patient room if necessary.


  • low through-step
  • horizontal and vertical seat adjustment
  • rpm-dependent and rpm-independent programs
  • coded Polar® pulse receiver
  • RS232 interface
  • 3 programs: Quick, Watt, Pulse


  • V-cranks (crank set that can be adjusted length-wise)


  • grid-independent operation
  • calibrated power unit which can be recalibrated
  • hybrid brake system (HBS)
  • mono belt drive, self-adjusting and silent
  • performance range: 25 – 300 Watt rpm-independent
  • increments: 5 Watt
  • rpm range: 20 – 120 RPM
  • Manufactured according to: DIN EN ISO 20957-1 S-A-I, DIN EN ISO 20957-5 S-A-I, DIN EN 60601-1, DIN EN 60601-1-2
  • CE according to guidelines for medical products 93/42 EWG, class IIa
  • authorized user weight: 130 kg
  • measurements (L x W x H): 103 x 65 x 148 cm
  • weight: 63 kg
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