motion body 900 WM

The wall mounted motion body 900 WM upper body ergometer is the space saving variation of the standard motion body 900 machine. The wall assembly saves money and space and offers flexibility with respect to usage when sitting, standing or when using a wheelchair.

motion body 900 WM

The motion body 900 WM is the wall-mounted version of our motion body. It has the same

functionality, but a significantly smaller footprint, optimal wheelchair access and all the flexibility of

various training positions. All you need is a solid wall.

Since our motion body 900 WM has a very wide adjustable range of 40 cm, it is easily possible to train when standing up, which offers another training variation. Also the option for a synchronous crank position has to be emphasized.

The training on the gymnastic ball is an interesting variation and strengthens the torso while exercising the arms and shoulders.

motion body 900 WM <p>The training on the gymnastic ball is an interesting variation and strengthens the torso while exercising the arms and shoulders.</p>

Slim, wall-mounted cardio solution

motion body 900 WM <p>Slim, wall-mounted cardio solution</p>


  • space saving wall installation, no frame parts which limit access to the machine
  • gas loaded piston height adjustment of the power unit for a seated or standing training
  • no weight limit
  • ergonomic Leki® handle bars
  • attractive, full-colour display
  • durable, clean touch display
  • quick start, watt training, pulse training
  • interference-free Polar®- Bluetooth® Smart connection
  • training possible in standing or seated position (wide adjustment range & removable seat)
  • bi-directional movement
  • V-crank asynchronously or synchronously adjustable
  • ergonomic Leki® grips with preparation for clip attachment


  • performance package (Qi charging possibility, max. 550 watts, with power supply from 7 watts)
  • connect package for system integration (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Barcodes)
  • programme package (8 additional training programmes, coming up: programme storage)
  • all-in package: performance + connect + programme package
  • certification according to 93/42 EWG, class IIa


  • 7-inch capacitive touch display
  • Polar® Bluetooth® Smart connection, downward compatible
  • Mono-belt drive
  • calibrated and re-calibratable, quiet HBS brake
  • mains-independent operation
  • manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 20957-1 S-A-I, DIN EN ISO 20957-5 S-A-I, DIN EN 60601-1-2
  • medical devices certified according to 93/42 EWG, class IIa
  • medical power range: 15 - 500 watts, rpm-independent
  • fitness power range: 25 - 500 watts, rpm-independent
  • rpm range: 15 - 140 rpm
  • no limitation on user weight
  • measurements (L x W x H): 65 x 56 x 150 cm
  • weight: 47 kg
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