motion cross 900

The motion cross 900 is a popular machine for trainees who appreciate the upright body posture and comprehensive activation...

motion cross 900

The motion cross 900 helps to get people with largely sedentary lifestyles straighten up and move their whole body. The guided movement enables a quick and safe start to the training. Long cranks and an ergonomic connection of arm and leg movement ensure a sweeping stride and a pleasant movement. A selectable rpm limit and the automatic reduction of the movement at the end of the workout are highly welcome safety features. It is easy to learn the exercise so that few personnel are tied to training people. In comparison to other machines on the market, the movement is very smooth and joint-friendly. Since this machine is optionally available as a medical product as well, the low minimum step-on height of 18 cm is very beneficial.

Upright training position and smooth full body movement.

motion cross 900 <p>Upright training position and smooth full body movement.</p>

Optionally available with antracite casing.

motion cross 900 <p>Optionally available with antracite casing.</p>


  • attractive, full-colour display
  • durable, clean touch display
  • quick start, watt training, pulse training
  • interference-free Polar®- Bluetooth® smart connection
  • low step height of approx. 17 cm/6.7’’
  • forward and backward movement with a stride length of 43 cm/16.9’’
  • large, anti-slip footpads
  • rpm limiter for more safety


  • performance package (Qi charging option, max. 950 watt)
  • connect package for system integration (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth ® Low Energy, Barcodes)
  • programme package (additional programmes, serious games)
  • all-in-package: performance + connect + programme package
  • boosted cross - user weight increase up to 200 kg/440 lbs
  • certification according to 93/42 EWG, class IIa


  • 7-inch capacitive touch display
  • Polar® Bluetooth® Smart connection, downward compatible
  • mono-belt drive, self-adjusting
  • calibrated and re-calibratable, quiet HBS brake
  • side-dependent power display
  • mains-independent operation
  • manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 20957-1 S-A-I, DIN EN ISO 20957-9 S-A-I, DIN EN 60601-1-2
  • medical devices certified according to 93/42 EWG, class IIa
  • medical & fitness power range: 100 - 500 watts user power, speed-independent or 15 - 500 watts brake power - alternatively configurable
  • rpm range: 15 - 140 rpm
  • max. user weight: 150 kg/330 lbs
  • dimensions: approx. 200 x 65 x 169 cm/78.8 x 25.6 x 66.6’’ (L x W x H), approx. 101 kg/223 lbs
This icon marks features especially valuable for medical applications