motion power console

Cardio machines have always been equipped with a monitor while strength machines usually have not. In order to integrate them in a sensible way into a digitalized training management, a display unit is needed which is matched to the respective training machine.

motion power console

Since for us at emotion fitness we have always been concerned with a good training management, we have developed the strength machine console, the motion power console, a long time ago. It is individually adjusted to the respective strength machine with all its weights and positions and guides you through the training in a very precise and simple way.

Our motion power console 600 is the universal strength machine console and can be mounted to almost all strength machines, thus making it easy to integrate strength training into training management. In cooperation with us, some manufacturers even offer assembly ex works so that you don’t have to deal with assembly work in new facilities and with new devices. Since our cardio machines score with the fact that they work grid independently in most applications, we wanted to create the possibility to do without cables for the strength machines as well. Therefore, you can decide depending on the situation in your rooms and your comfort needs, if you want to operate your strength devices with a battery pack or an external power supply.

If these “hardware questions” are resolved in the beginning, then training comfort and training quality are of course the crucial factors.With respect to comfort, our motion power console 600 shows the movement of your customer in a clearly arranged way. Three different display possibilities can be chosen depending on individual preferences.To keep the handling simple, the motion power console is usually equipped with an RFID technology, so that it can wirelessly fetch a current, individualized training plan from the database. The customer uses a transponder to identify himself at the machine and is shown all stored information regarding training positions and parameters automatically.

If you do not want to install a radio technology, you always have the possibility to operate the machines with chipcards (with or without PC software) or to operate them manually.

It is easy to optimize the training quality with the motion power console. The distance measuring (ROM), which is exact to the millimetre, makes it possible to show the speed precisely and separately for concentric and eccentric movements.

These distance and speed requirements are presented visually and (if required) can be signalled acoustically. An index value provides feedback about the goal achievements at the end of the training.There are three different training modes which facilitate an adjustment to performance improvements (auto weight adjustment). The requirements are adjusted without active involvement of your staff. This saves time and money and moves your customers closer to long-term goal achievements.

Watch this clip for an introduction on the easy - still power independent - training control with the motion power console


  • high quality, backlit monitor with a handling that is identical to the cardio monitors
  • precise movement sensor with distance measurements precise to the millimetre.
  • 3 training programs with different control logic
  • programs with partially automated weight adjustment when trainee’s performance is changing.
  • movement speed and amplitude are measured and are then indicated on the display. The achievement of the target is documented.
  • training parameters can be saved without a PC system.
  • PC control can be achieved by means of an inexpensive chipcard system or by means of a comfortable and versatile RFID technology – completely wireless.


  • RFID-/wireless network
  • 4th training program for circuit applications
  • on-site assembly
  • assembly ex works for a lot of manufacturers


  • ABS sensor for distance measurement
  • monitor unit
  • for the power supply: choice of battery pack (3 mono cells) or ext. power supply
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