flying data package

Our "flying data package" is a handy optional feature for a cordless transmission of training data from our training machines.

flying data package

In each and every part of our lifes the digitalisation is increasing. this also affects the way modern training and therapy facilities are planned. More and more training machines are being implemented in PC-controlled training systemes to ensure stable training quality and proper documentation and evaluation.

Using our optional "flying data package" our machines will be equipped with the hardware needd to perfectly integrate into various training systems and still stay cable free, so you will not have to worry about power consumption, building installation and positioning of machines.

flying data package

Once the machines got the right settings and are integrated into the PC control, the user simply registers at the machine by presenting his individual RFID card, wristband or keyhanger and automatically gets his latest training plan. The results are being transferred back to the database after the session. The data transmission itself is gdpr-conform as the link to the individual person takes place within the PC software only.



  • Compatible to the complete motion cardio line 600 and the motion power console 600
  • No visual change at the machiens
  • Machines stay power independent and completely cable free
  • Mifare-readers are standard


  • Alternative transponder systems available on individual release (e.g. Legic, Hitag)


  • RFID reader in training machine
  • Wireless module for connection with PC in training machine
  • Receiving module "flying data monitor" has to be installed at PC and to be connected to the PC Software
  • Compatible with the systems of various suppliers (e.g. Profit, Proxomed, HUR, David, TrainSoft)
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